Get out and vote Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 23, 2004

When Pres. Harry Truman put the famous sign on his desk that said, "The buck stops here," he failed to mention that was not truly the case.

Even presidents have a boss: you, the voter.

Much like national elections, the same can be said for the various municipal races being held on Tuesday.

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We are the ones who will choose city council members in Greenville and Georgiana when we head to polls.

We will choose the ones who will sit on the councils and these people have an awesome responsibility.

They will oversee some of the biggest growth our local cities have seen in years.

They have to be good stewards of our future and they'll have to make decisions that will have far-reaching effects in the future.

So go vote. It is an irresponsible mistake to sit out any election, but particularly this year.

This is a democracy, and to keep it strong and committed to its founding purposes, it must be a participatory one.

We are sad to say that very little is being said about the way voters in our area fail to turn out at the polls.

We have to wonder if they really care about anything relating to the city at all.

But remember this, voters are the ones who will hire the next city councils and even possibly a mayor.

You know the candidates, they've made their views known quite well.

So on Tuesday, all registered voters should exercise their free, democratic right to choose whom they wish.

This privilege is also a responsibility, and there should be little excuse, save illness or other misfortune, from fulfilling it. People in some other countries, would die (and do) to have such a right as voting. Yet in this country, Americans are generally ambivilent to the whole process.

So, if you do not vote and then do not like the outcome, just look in the mirror, and you’ll see the reason.

The need now is for the rest of us to play our roles in this Democratic process and vote for our candidate. Leaving these critical choices to others is an abdication of civic responsibility. The best chance we have of seeing our views expressed in public policy is to choose our leaders ourselves.

Ponder this if you still think you shouldn't vote:

What if you could no longer vote?