Forum turnout dismal to say the very least

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 17, 2004

On Monday, the Advocate hosted a political forum for the upcoming municipal elections.

Much like the last forum, the turnout for this one was quite dismal.

Every candidate running for the Greenville City Council took time from their schedules to come before an audience of their fellow citizens to answer your questions.

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Of all who are registered to vote in the city election, only about 50 showed up.

It cannot be said that people didn't know about it because we've published a few stories and we have heavily advertised it in our publications.

Does Greenville have a hotly contested mayoral race this year?

No, but we do have three council seats up for grabs with very qualified candidates seeking to fill them.

For those who did attend, this gave you an opportunity to hear the candidates' views on growth, new taxes and traffic situations. We hope you got something out of the forum.

Democracy is not an easy thing.

It takes work and it takes input from the voting public.

There are times when you have to tell yourself that it is better to have a single ray of light, than to stand and yell at the darkness.

Again, our thanks to all who did participate.