Foster parents are local angels

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 9, 2004

Often there are innoncent children in Butler County who are neglected and abused and because of a few dedicated people, the get to the find the love they deserve.

These people are the county's foster parents.

On Tuesday, their work was celebrated with the annual banquet organized by Susan Murphy.

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She understands something about needing another family because she was adopted herself.

But one thing that is important to note is that there needs to be more families who are willing to take on an extra child who needs the love that their biological parents won't give them or can't afford to give them.

We know that many may think these children are not our personal problem, but there you are wrong.

We should all have the courage to open our homes to a foster child.

Who defends these children when they have no one else to turn to?

As the keynote speaker, the Rev. Ezell Powell told those assembled at the banquet, to be parents is an awesome responsibility.

So we urge everyone who feel they can adequately take in a child in foster care, call the Department of Human Resources and begin the process that will lead these children in need of love and a stable homelife to just that, a home.

And to the already established foster parents, we add our thanks for your concern for the county's children.