Image Entry extends Georgiana contract

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 6, 2004

More good news arrived recently for the economy of Georgiana and Butler County.

It was recently announced that Image Entry had extended their contract for their Georgiana location.

Butler County Commission for Economic Development Director Ricky McLaney said the company had been around for a while and was pleased to see them stay.

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&uot;They’ve been there for five years,&uot; said McLaney. &uot;They recently extended their contract for another five years.&uot;

McLaney said he hoped the extension would mean more jobs.

&uot;Hopefully we can get some more people down there,&uot; said McLaney.

Georgiana Mayor Lynn Watson said jobs would be on their way as stated by the contract.

&uot;We know there will be new jobs because of the new contract,&uot; said Watson. &uot;It requires them to handle more state stuff and they will probably have to add about 15 to 20 people.&uot;

Watson said the extension of the contract was huge for his town.

&uot;This was extraordinarily big,&uot; said Watson. &uot;They’re our biggest employer right now.&uot;

The Georgiana division of Image Entry employs anywhere from 80 to 100 people. However, during tax season those numbers often swell from 180 to 200 people.

Watson said Georgiana Image Entry handles taxes for the state.

&uot;They handle all the state income taxes,&uot; said Watson. &uot;All the state income tax you send to the state goes to Image Entry.&uot;

Image Entry handles Blue Cross Blue Shield claims as well.

Image Entry is a well-known national company.

Image Entry, Inc., was founded in 1992 by Bill Deaton, a data processing professional with over 30 years experience in providing leadership and management of complex data automation projects. Deaton previously led the nation’s largest independent data service company prior to founding Image Entry. Employing best-in-class people, from data entry operators to clerical staff and an expert management team, Image Entry brings together the knowledge and skills to meet the most demanding data management needs. Headquartered in London, Kentucky, with support facilities in Indiana and Kentucky, Image Entry has experienced exponential growth since inception, employing over 565 people. With available capacity in each office and an available trained workforce of over 1,000 individuals. Now, Butler County will also benefit from this growth.

Image Entry is a leading provider of document imaging and data management solutions. The company will facilitate the preparation, capture, warehousing, retrieval and utilization of information to supplement your internal resources. Image Entry offers innovative and effective outsourcing solutions in the following categories:

n Conversion

n Storage

n Processing

n Management

Image Entry’s solutions transform data into accessible and useable business intelligence so that companies can focus on their core competencies. Their solutions are completely scalable, allowing them to provide comprehensive and reliable services for the highest volume and time sensitive information processing.