Business signs need improving

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 6, 2004

After the Main Street meeting Monday, it is clear that things are looking good for the continued growth of the downtown area, our city's heart and soul.

Much has been done in recent years to improve our downtown area and keep it inviting to shoppers and in that vein we would like to point out that the city needs to consider a change in its ordinance relating to signs.

A drive uptown and downtown it's easy to see that there are several businesses that have closed who still have their old, dilapidated signs out front. Some of these signs are broken and hanging perilously and, to us, are not only eyesores, but safety hazards as well.

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While we realize that it is most likely the building owner's responsibility to correct the situation, the city should have recourse, through an ordinance, that allows them to remedy the situation and dispose of the old signs.

We're sure that if a broken down car was parked along Commerce Street and the owner didn't do anything about it, the city would have it towed. Likewise, the city has a weed and debris ordinance that was installed in an effort to keep our city looking nice to those that live here and those that visit.

It makes perfect sense that the city should continue this effort by enacting an ordinance or changing the existing ordinance relating to these old signs.

First impressions are lasting and we don't want someone's first impression of our downtown to be based on old, broken signs that lead to nowhere.