Shop locally for #039;Back to school#039;

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 29, 2004

In today's Advocate you will find information about shopping for your childrens' back to school needs.

Let us encourage you to shop locally first before traveling to another city to buy clothes or school supplies.

Many of our local merchants carry the same brands as the stores in larger cities do, but here you can get them usually cheaper and also the sales taxes aren't as high.

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Plus, as an added benefit, your tax dollars go to your local schools, not some school system in Montgomery, Baldwin, Jefferson counties, just to name a few.

Locally, you can outfit your children from head -to-toe with our local department stores or specialty shops in downtown.

Also, many local merchants have the schools' supply lists for each grade for you to have handy when you go shopping.

So save the gas money and travel time because it's all right here in Butler County!