New sign, renewed jail policy

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 29, 2004

As part of the nationwide compliance with increased Homeland Security measures, the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office has placed a new sign in front of the Crenshaw County Detention Facility.

"We want to let everyone in the general public know that as part of our operating procedure at the Crenshaw County Detention Facility, anyone is subject to search on the premises," said Sheriff Charles West. "We can and will search anyone or any vehicle we deem necessary to ensure the safety and security of the jail, inmates, employees and general public."

West said this is not a new thing, but in an attempt to give people a "heads up" before anything happens, his department recently placed a sign at the driveway entrance on Justice Drive, in front of the county's new jail facility.

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According to Alabama statutory law, the sheriff of every county is charged with the safety and security of all of its citizens, including inmates at their jail facilities.

"There is always a risk of contraband being introduced into a jail facility," West said. "That could be anything from cigarettes to weapons and illegal drugs, and we will not allow that to happen. Our people are prepared to search anyone or anything they deem suspicious, and people have a right to know that upfront."