Let#039;s have a fair, honest campaign

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 21, 2004

On Tuesday, our three municipalities had the deadline to run for offices in the upcoming Aug. 24 elections.

Now that we are in the full municipal campaign season, let us offer some words of wisdom.

Be fair in

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your portrayal of your opponent(s).

We do not want the voters of our three cities in Butler County to have to wade through the mud and muck to get to the truth.

If you say something, make very sure that it's true.

This is not an easy arena and many good people feel disenfranschised when campaigns turn dirty.

As in the past, we will publish endorsement letters of candidates that are sent in from the public.

They should adhere to our letter policy found below and be in good taste.

As for the The Greenville Advocate, we will not, under any circumstances, endorse one candidate over another.

It is not our place as the community's newspaper to try to sway votes one way or another.

That is left up to the candidates to do.