Bridge to be done in six weeks

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 17, 2004

During the regular meeting of the Crenshaw County Commission held Monday, County Engineer Benjie Sanders reported on the progress being made on several projects, including the Petrey Bridge.

"Although the Petrey Bridge project has been delayed, it should be completed, all except for the road, in about six weeks time," Sanders told the Commission. "We have not yet scheduled to Patsburg Bridge."

Sanders also reported on the County Road 11 construction.

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"We held the pre-construction conference last week," he said. "Construction should begin in two weeks time."

Sanders also discussed the Vacation of Roads Act.

"This act became effective July1, and I want you all to be familiar with it," he said, as he distributed copies to the Commissioners.

Sanders also spoke on trying new foliage spray for roadside work.

"I am interested in a new type of spray to be used on the foliage on our roadways," Sanders said. "I am going to try it out on a few roads to see how it will work."

Sanders also requested by invoice payment for two invoices totaling $1,121.78 to be replaced in the Gas Tax Fund for work performed on the invoices, which involved work performed for the Town of Brantley and the Town of Dozier.

"Normally this type of work is pre-approved before it is done, and it had not been included in the budget," Sanders said. It was suggested that when a Commissioner has work of this type to be performed for a municipality, it first must be approved by the entire Commission. Commissioner Hudson and Chairman Blackmon made a motion to pay the invoices. The motion passed.

Anita West, EMA director for Crenshaw County, reported to the Commission on the All Hazard Mitigation Plan.

"I am requesting that the Commission approve a resolution adopting the Crenshaw County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan," she said. A summary of the plan was distributed to the Commissioners.

"This plan should be adopted and sent to the Hazard Mitigation Officer in Clanton, and another draft of the letter distributed to our municipalities, informing them of their requirements as part of the plan."

A motion was presented by Commissioners Ronnie Hudson and Chairman Ronnie Blackmon to adopt a resolution of the Crenshaw County Alabama Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. The motion passed.

A motion was made by Commissioners Ricky McElwain and Charlie Sankey to authorize the Chairman to sign the Hazardous Materials Agreement. The motion passed.

West also reported that she is working on several grants, including a Hazardous Materials trailer grant. She also stated that two buildings are needed for voting precincts in the county.

Sheriff Charles West spoke next, and informed the Commission that he has chosen Gerald White to perform fence work at the jail.

"I'm asking the Commission to pay whatever is possible on the project, and I will see to the balance," he said.

West also told the Commission that he wants to give them some of the Work Release funds, and again requested overtime pay for the deputies.

Probate Judge Jim Perdue appeared before the Commission, and reported on his recent trip to South Korea. He also discussed the progress on a grant for an elevator in the courthouse.

"The elevator grant application has been completed to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Agriculture," Perdue said. "The total amount is $121,000, with $30,287 being a match from the County Commission."

Perdue also reported on problems of late regarding the courthouse maintenance.

"We have had some problems lately with all the rain, as it has slowed the work down some on the grounds," Perdue said. "We also had some equipment down. The equipment has since been repaired and is working well, but if the Commission wants me to relinquish the supervision of courthouse maintenance, and turn it over to John Hollis, I will gladly do so."

This action was tabled by the Commission until all concerned parties can be present to discuss it.

In other discussion, the Commission discussed the remodeling of the center vault in the courthouse, to incorporate an office for the Appraisal Department.

Only one bid has been received at the present time, and the amount of the bid exceeds the amount allowed by bid laws to be awarded without bids.

Chairman Blackmon refrained from the discussions, since the quote submitted came from a firm which had relatives employed.

"At one time, an estimate was given for $5,000, but no response has bee received recently," said Commissioner Hudson. It was decided that the Commission would draw up specifications and let bids in the matter.

Commissioner Hudson presented a motion to create specs to construct, and to include electrical in the specs. Commissioner Ed Beasley seconded the motion to open discussion on the matter.

"I would like to add the option of drop ceiling and duct work into the bid," Beasley said. All voted and approved the amendment to the motion. All Commissioners then voted to approve the original motion as well. The bids will be sent out to everyone known, and advertised by posting in local buildings and businesses around the county, with the Commission contacting everyone they knew in the business of contracting and construction.

The Commissioners also discussed the sending of meeting minutes to members of the media, at the request of the Administrator, who wanted to know if it should be her responsibility to do so.

A motion was made by Commissioners Hudson and Beasley to no longer fax minutes anymore, saying that if they were needed, they could be picked up at the Administrator's office. A vote was called for, and the motion passed 4-1 with Commissioner Sankey voting no.

In other business, the Commission:

Voted to table the Sheriff's request on overtime until the next meeting

Voted to amend the EMA budget to add $4,192 to help cover the new employee, Leah Sims, with half of the money being reimbursed by the State

Voted to recess.