Wishing to live in the city of Perfect

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 14, 2004

As my column title suggests each week, I'm a skeptic.

If you tell me something, I take it as the truth.

I guess I live by the motto used by Sheriff Diane Harris and her department and that is, "In God we trust but we check everyone else."

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It's not that I believe people would lie to me, but I know that human nature dictates that we always show ourselves as better than those around us.

Two things happened last week that have had a lasting effect on me.

First, was the Celebrate America 2004 event sponsored by the Chamber.

I was greatly impressed with the way the event came off and I have to say good job to the folks who worked out in the storms last Friday in order to get it ready.

I do hate that Main Street's parade had to be cancelled due to the weather, but you know, I believe it meant a lot that people like Nancy Idland and folks in the CenturyTel parking lot held out hope until the very last minute. Hopefully, next year the weather will cooperate and it will be huge.

I watch the news accounts from other cities similar to Greenville and think how cool that would be to have the same here.

Well they tried it this year, and we only were able to see half, but I believe now that the ball is rolling, we'll see something impressive next year.

Finally, I want to mention Braggs Hill AME Zion Church.

This church burned in Jan. 2003 and now they are in the process of rebuilding it.

Folks, this church needs help to get back on its feet.

I went out and visited several of the church's members last Wednesday afternoon.

A member of another church had stopped in and asked if we could do some coverage.

I said I'd look into it.

I believe that charity should begin at home.

And I'm not knocking the charities outside of Greenville, but I believe if you are looking for a good, church-based cause to donate to, then by all means, give to the Braggs Hill church.

They have a building fund set up at Whitney Bank.

A few weeks back I interviewed Mary Anne Hamilton and she made the comment that she believes in pulling people together to improve the community.

When you look at the Celebrate America 2004 event and then you see a church like Braggs Hill in need, it makes you realize the importance of our community.

Greenville, nor Butler County is far from perfect, but other than a television commercial. have you ever been to a city named Perfect?

But when you think of all the places in this country where crime and drugs and the evils of the world rule, you have to admit that we live pretty darn close to perfection right here.

So let's take Hamilton's words and start pulling together a little more.

We might just find that Perfect is just around the bend.

Jay Thomas is the managing editor of The Greenville Advocate and can reached at 383-9302, ext. 136, via email at jay.thomas@ greenvilleadvocate.com or mail at P.O. Box 507, Greenville, 36037.