County amends Health Department budget

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 14, 2004

During the last meeting of the Crenshaw County Commissioners' Court, a motion was considered and passed to amend the budget allotted for the Health Department.

The reason for the amendment is that the department has exceeded its budgeted amount for utilities expenses. There have been no responses received from the Health Department concerning previous letters sent by the Commission.

A motion was presented by Commissioners Ronnie Hudson and Ricky McElwain to amend the budget and move $1,625 in appropriations to utilities in the Health Department's budget. After some discussion, Commissioner Ed Beasley made a motion to amend the motion before the Commission to state "no more appropriations to be expended for utilities until something (of a response) is heard from the Health Department." Commissioner McElwain seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously as amended.

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Following a report from Revenue Commissioner Sherry McSwean, the Commission considered options for computer equipment in her department recently damaged by lightning.

McSwean has three personal computers in her office, and one in the Probate Office damaged, and also a printer. She reported that S & W Minicomputers (which has the maintenance contract) does not feel the equipment should be repaired, and has given an estimate of $7,425 on the damages ($1,500 each for the PCs). If the computers are repaired, S & W will not honor a maintenance contract.

McSwean reported that she received a comparable amount in estimate from the State Department, and she thinks these are good rates. Commissioner Charlie Sankey stated that if the computers in question are repaired, they could not be upgraded. He has offered to help the Revenue Commissioner check on new equipment prices, since he is familiar with this type of equipment. Sankey feels the amount is excessive, especially since it came in only a few dollars below bid price.

Chairman Blackmon made a motion to have Commissioner Sankey work with Mrs. McSwean on new computers as soon as possible. Commissioner Beasley seconded, and the motion passed.

Sheriff Charles West appeared to request additional overtime for his deputies. He stated he has received some overtime grants, and has made several trips to mental hospitals (which reimbursements have been received) and would like all added back to his budget as overtime for the deputies. The amounts include mileage and labor from the jail, as well as deputy salaries.

Chairman Blackmon discussed an agreement with the sheriff to give him $700 (of the proposed $1,400 price) from the City of Luverne for the housing of city inmates. County Attorney John Nichols prepared an agreement for the housing of inmates for the City of Luverne, with the proposed inclusion of $700 to be given to the sheriff for feed reimbursement. A contract will also be worked out between other county municipalities for the housing of their inmates.

Commissioners Hudson and Sankey made a motion to allow the sheriff and chairman to enter a mutual agreement between the Commission and the Sheriff's Department for $700 to be paid to the sheriff for Luverne inmate housing. The motion was approved.

In other business, the Commission

€ Rescind a previous meeting's motion to reject a bid to Wiregrass Construction and re-bid

€ Approved the low bid of Wiregrass Construction for the access improvement on U.S. Highway 331 (Project no. IAR-021-000-002)

€ Authorized chairman to send a letter to South Crenshaw Water Authority, inquiring about the relocation project for a water main at Patsburg Bridge, and to offer the county's assistance if needed

€ Approved payment of an invoice to Greenville Newspapers in the amount of $866.20

€ Discussed turning over courthouse maintenance and yard maintenance to John Hollis. Because Probate Judge Jim Perdue, who is currently responsible for this task, was not present, the matter was tabled until he could be present to discuss it

€ Accepted Quote no. 4, from Terra Engineering Inc., in the amount of $4,900 for Waste Disposal Plan

€ Recessed until the Call of the Chair or next regular meeting, which will be held at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 12.