Area teams fare well in first two nights of tournament

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 14, 2004

George Wacha

Georgiana Parks and Recreation is playing host to the Dixie Youth All-Star Tournament, and beginning with six teams, game play has been feverish at the very least.

"These kids all mean business," Georgiana Parks and Recreation President Kenneth Blackmon said. "They are all well-mannered, and have been showing excellent sportsmanship. Their determination to win for their respective communities is showing on the field."

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Brantley 7

Georgiana 6

Brantley eliminated Georgiana

in a heart-breaking, 7-6 loss Monday night.

In the second inning, Brantley scored two runs, but Georgiana answered back by scoring three of its own.

Brantley's came from Shortstop Tory Upshaw and Pitcher Jesse Havard.

Georgiana scored from substitute Tommy Peterson, left fielder Adrian Paige and center fielder Devonte Hamilton.

Richard Sims furnished the lone run of the third inning for Brantley.

Determined, Brantley scored two runs in the fourth inning, from hits right fielder Dillon Motes and catcher Tyrone Person. Also at bat to assist the runners in their score were Tory Upshaw and Jesse Havard.

Brantley added two more runs in the fifth, with hits from second baseman Russ Kilcrease and substitute Clint Free.

Greenville 13

Highland Home 0

Greenville issued Highland Home its first loss of the series Monday night in a four-inning shutout win, 13-0.

Three runners furnished scoring for Greenville in the first inning - catcher Ryan Smith, first baseman Dustin Till and pitcher Daniel Nolen. Also contributing with singles were Cooper Lewis, Nathan Branum and right fielder Cordez Peagler.

Substitute Stephen Till, left fielder Thomas Nolen, third baseman Daron Mack, second baseman David Black, shortstop Todd Burkett, substitute Jay Johnson, Smith, Till, Nolen and Lewis all contributed in a 10-run second inning.

Greenville 10

Brantley 0

It was all about Greenville in the tournament opener on Saturday evening, as Greenville shut out Brantley after four innings with their 10-run scoring spree.

The visiting Greenville started out with one run in the first inning, furnished by the lead off batter, and shortstop Todd Burkett.

In the second inning, pitcher Daniel Nolan, second Baseman Cooper Lewis and right fielder Cordez Peagler scored runs for Greenville. Nolan led off the inning with a double, followed by a single courtesy of Lewis, and Peagler homered to drive the two in.

In the third inning, Darien Mack, David Black, and Burkett brought runs in for Greenville, with the assistance of Ryan Smith's single.

Luverne 3

Troy 1

Luverne hosted the Troy American All-Stars in game two on Saturday, and after six innings came out the victors, 3-1.

Troy center fielder Mitch McLeod led off the game with a single and later scored following singles by Gage Garrett, Quay Lawson, Chance Shaver and Martin Meeks.

Luverne came alive in the fifth inning, with runs from first baseman Michael D'Arville, left fielder Sidney Beasley and pitcher Cory Hale.

Highland Home 7

Georgiana 2

Highland Home defeated Georgiana 7-2 in the final game Saturday night.

The Crenshaw County team broke silence with two runs in the second inning, from the singles from Jared Edge and Dillon Frazier.

Again in the third inning of play Highland Home advanced as they scored four runs, coming from Tyler McGough, Hunter Harrell, Daniel Frazier and Jared Edge.

Georgiana came alive in the fourth inning, when Joseph Udoh scored following a triple, driven in by a walk from Jeffery Phillips and a triple by Victor Marshall. Phillips also scored a run in the fourth.

Highland Home added one more run the following inning.