YMCA offers patrons a day of cinema

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 12, 2004

Friday the children at the Greenville YMCA got a special treat.

The YMCA continued with their weeklong theme of &uot;Sail with the Fish&uot; by hosting a movie day.

The children were given the option of watching &uot;The Little Mermaid,&uot; &uot;Finding Nemo&uot; or &uot;Free Willy.&uot;

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Day Camp Director Brenetta Averett said they wanted to choose movies that would be fun for the kids while sticking to their theme.

&uot;This has just been part of our theme so we wanted to do water related pictures and movies,&uot; said Averett. &uot;All of our features will deal with the water in some way.&uot;

Along with movies, lunches and snacks were provided for the children.

Each of the rooms used for movie day was converted to a movie theater type environment.

&uot;We basically turned the YMCA into a movie theater today for the kids,&uot; said Averett. &uot;It’s been great. We have all had a lot of fun with it.&uot;

The concessions served a lot of purposes for movie day.

The obvious purpose was to provide the children with lunch and a snack for the movie.

But the concessions also help to fund future activities for the children.

&uot;The money we raise will go to our activities,&uot; said Averett. &uot;That’s one of the reasons we do it. It helps us out with different stuff we’ll be doing.&uot;

YMCA Executive Director Amanda Phillips said the concessions also help the children develop math skills.

&uot;We set up the concessions stand and asked all the children to bring a dollar,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;We’re using that to help the children work on their math and money skills. We wanted to help them learn their math and money skills by incorporating it into something fun.&uot;

All items at the concession stand were a quarter which made the kids think about what they could get and how much they could get.

Phillips said it was a great idea because the kids were learning without thinking about it.

&uot;They are learning without even knowing it,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;That’s the best thing of all.&uot;

Movie day proved to be fun for the counselors as well as the children.

Natasha Kelly, who has been a counselor for three years, said the activities are great for people of all ages.

&uot;It’s been really fun,&uot; said Kelly. &uot;It gets better and better each year. We have a lot of fun playing together. Whatever they do we do and we really have a lot of fun.&uot;

Around 100 children participate in the YMCA’s summer program.

Finding fun activities they can all enjoy can be a chore.

Since Averett became day camp director she has proved to be up to the task.

Phillips praised Averett’s hard work in getting the program together.

&uot;This was all Brenetta Averett’s idea,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;She has been here for five years, but this is her first as day camp director. She has done a great job.&uot;

Averett said it was just a matter of everyone having a good time.

&uot;As long as the kids are having a ball I’m having a ball,&uot; said Averett. &uot;We all have a good time.&uot;

Averett said the YMCA will continue to have themed activities for the kids the rest of the summer.

&uot;Our next project will be &uot;Hover Over Art,&uot; said Averett. &uot;We will probably do some art projects during the week have an art show.&uot;