Time to circle wagons, drop to knees

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2004

One thing that Crenshaw Countians are known for is pulling together in a pinch. We now have one that - to be quite honest - is very close to me.

A young lady named Brandy Shea McGough was in a tragic accident on Tuesday evening, and is in pretty tough shape as this goes to press.

I have practically watched her grow up, having worked with her mother for years on an ambulance and known her father since the days when I was a shade tree mechanic and he worked at Taylor Parts in Greenville.

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She is the same age as my daughter, Jessica, and in fact they are friends. Both of them will be seniors this year, Brandy at Highland Home, and Jessie at Greenville.

But right now, Brandy and her family need all of us to come together for her. They need for all of us to bend down on our knees and ask for God to bring her back quickly to full, vigorous life.

You see, as this is being typed, Brandy is in a coma. She was conscious briefly after her accident, and again spoke to her family members before she departed aboard LifeHeart on Tuesday night headed for Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla.

But now she is in a coma, and judging from what her mother, Virginia, said on the phone Tuesday morning, this is the biggest concern the doctors are worried about.

Brandy has several internal injuries that the doctors say should heal on their own, but because of these injuries, they cannot administer medications to reduce the swelling of Brandy's brain, which is believed to be what would bring her consciousness back.

I know - from a gut feeling inside - and the knowledge I possess as a former paramedic, that Brandy is right now healing, but her family and she both needs our continuous prayers.

Prayers to ask the Good Lord to bring her back fully-recovered from this tragic event.

I keep telling myself that two years ago, God did not take me from this world when he easily could have after I was in my automobile accident. I had wonderful paramedics, police officers, doctors and nurses scrambling to perform their lifesaving deeds upon me.

Brandy, likewise, had excellently skilled paramedics, police officers, doctors and nurses caring for her. But I am nearly 43, and she is a mere 16-1/2 - just a baby with all of her life yet ahead of her. Surely this is just a way for God to unite all of us for a good cause - prayer to Him.

So please, place Brandy and her family - her father Raymond and his wife Cathy, mother Virginia and her fianc/ Jeff, and Brandy's sister Amanda - who is the same age as my younger daughter Elizabeth - on your prayer lists, and keep them in your thoughts.

Ask God to bring a glowing smile back to Brandy's face, and bring her back to her family, friends and other loved ones.

Use this as what it is - an opportunity to show God that we are truly a believing people, and that through him all things are possible.

George Wacha is the Managing Editor of the Luverne Journal. He may be reached via e-mail at george.wacha@luvernejournal.com, or by phone at 335-3541.