Brantley News

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well, the Fourth of July is over for another year. There were lots of family gatherings. Even after the gatherings families were still meeting and visiting in town. Some of the folks I haven’t seen in awhile still look great and the atmosphere with everyone visiting has been so pleasant. I must admit I felt like I needed a vacation to get over the holidays, but that feeling has passed.

It’s garden time again. Chris West and Joseph Bailey have a selection of peas and butter beans ready to pick, or you can have them picked.

The women’s meeting at the New Life Center June 25 was a success. Everyone I have spoken with said they received a blessing.

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The Family Fun Day in Dozier started off great, but about two hours into it the weather took over and rained us out. Brother Rockey said they are considering doing it again, maybe next spring.

The Carnes family reunion went well. I spoke with Gaston and Katherine Carnes and they said they really enjoyed visiting with everyone.

I’ve been putting pictures in the photo album again and I can never resist looking back through at when the children were younger. Ah, and those grandbabies. Our oldest daughter

Melissa sent us some pictures of our grandchildren Little Joe and Alexis. They have grown up so fast. Little Joe plays baseball so he couldn’t come home this summer because of the tournaments. Alexis is in dance and what a beautiful dancer she is. Melissa sent a video of Alexis’s dance recital. Last year Lamar got to go and see it. This year has been a little more hectic.

This week our daughter Christina turned 25. I guess that means I just got a little older too. Someone was talking about age the other day and they said that a person’s life is half over at 35. Then while waiting for my food at the new restaurant in town employee Sybil Bryan and I had a conversation on life and she expressed it so well. She said as long as we have dreams of things to do our life will go on. It’s when we stop dreaming and our work is done here on earth then it’s time to go home.

There will be no MaChis Lower Creek meeting this month. The next one will be August 14th.

I hope this finds everyone well and that you had a great fourth. I’m trying not to get too hot. Please pray for my family and I will pray for yours.

Until next time remember, &uot;let your life be a light to someone&uot; and A.S.A.P.