Boys and Girls Club ready to make a difference

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 28, 2004

There are still a few small barriers facing the establishment of the Greenville Boys and Girls Club.

However, that hasn’t stopped the potential members and Board of Directors from making big plans.

The club held a Tuesday meeting to continue planning for the contributions it hopes to make to the youth of Butler County.

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Butler County has great programs in place to help the youth. But, as anyone can tell you there can never be too many positive programs in place for young people.

Boys and Girls Club of South Central Alabama Executive Director Cederick Williams believes a new Boys and Girls Club in Greenville could work in a positive manner with the other programs.

&uot;You can never have enough positive outlets for kids,&uot; said Williams. &uot;I just don’t think it can happen. Kids are always going to need somewhere to go.&uot;

Williams stressed that every young person needed someone to turn to for direction.

Positive direction needs to be provided to them at a very early age.

&uot;A lot of times our young people are looking out for structure in their life,&uot; said Williams. &uot;They may not have a lot of discipline at home. They may not have a lot of people in their lives telling them the best route to go.&uot;

Williams said many times young people crave attention whether it is positive or negative.

Since negative is so much easier to obtain they often turn to the easiest path.

&uot;A lot of times young people are just looking for any kind of attention,&uot; said Williams. &uot;They may not care if it is positive or negative. They just need that attention. We need to be there to point them in the right direction.&uot;

Williams said the goal of the Boys and girls Club was to give young people a place to mold themselves into productive citizens.

&uot;Programs like ours and people in the community want to make a difference,&uot; said Williams. &uot;We want to show them what they should do and why they shouldn’t get involved in negative activity.&uot;

Williams praised the people of Greenville who have gotten involved in the club.

Williams felt that big things are in store for the Greenville Boys and Girls Club.

&uot;We have an opportunity in Greenville to do positive things,&uot; said Williams. &uot;I am so delighted you guys are backing the progress because I couldn’t do it without you.&uot;

Those involved in the club make a great deal of sacrifices to ensure the success of the club.

&uot;I know its tough for you to come out here and take time off from your family,&uot; said Williams. &uot;It just shows you care for the community. I think it’s going to pay off.&uot;

The club making strides in getting a branch for Greenville.

The club welcomes any members of the community who would like to make donations or pledge support.

The Boys and Girls Club recently established a checking account with the Peoples Bank of Greenville.

An anonymous donor gave the first $1,000 to get things started.