June 29 runoff campaign heating up

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 25, 2004

The June 29 runoff for Districts One and Three is less than a week away.

With time running low the candidates have had to take a little extra time hitting the streets to rally support.

The hot June weather and other elements have made it a tough road to travel.

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District One hopeful Margaret Pierce said it has been rough, but it had to be done.

&uot;The campaign trail is hot and dusty,&uot; said Pierce. &uot;It is very hot this time of year, but the campaign is going well.&uot;

Pierce said she has braved the elements to try to see as many people as possible.

&uot;I’m still trying to see all of them,&uot; said Pierce. &uot;I seem to have gained some support. I plan to try to get out there even more.&uot;

She also noted that suddenly appears to be a lot of roadwork going on in her district.

Several attempts to reach incumbent Gary Hanks were made and messages left, but he did not return calls.

District Three hopeful Gene Gibson said things have gone well for him also.

&uot;Things are going good,&uot; said Gibson. &uot;I have lots of help now. You still have to get out and see the people.&uot;

Incumbent District Three Commissioner Frank Hickman said it has been a joy to get out among the people of his district.

&uot;I’ve really enjoyed it,&uot; said Hickman. &uot;I view it as an opportunity to meet people and talk about the issues that are important to them.&uot;

Hickman said one of the best parts about campaigning was the opportunity to talk to people about the area.

&uot;I always feel good about getting out and talking to people about Butler County,&uot; said Hickman. &uot;I feel Butler County is in a great position to make great strides in the future.&uot;

Gibson said with the large number of people in the district it was hard to get to them all.

Gibson said he would put his best effort forward to see them.

&uot;It’s hard to get out there and see 3,000 people,&uot; said Gibson. &uot;But that’s what I’m going to do. Knock on doors until the last day.&uot;

The main thing for the candidates is to get people to the polls.

A higher turnout will bring a lot of satisfaction to the candidates.

&uot;I can’t emphasize that June 29 is their chance to make a change,&uot; said Pierce. &uot;Going to the polls and voting is very important and I hope everyone will go.&uot;

Gibson said he also hoped people would take the time to go to the polls on June 29.

&uot;The main thing is that we have to get the people to the polls to vote on June 29,&uot; said Gibson. &uot;We have to beat the bushes. I’m scared that it is going to be a low turnout. A lot of people didn’t vote last time because it rained.&uot;

Hickman said the local elections are a chance for the people of Butler County to see democracy in action making a difference.

&uot;Democracy is a great form of government,&uot; said Hickman. &uot;The greatest part of democracy is the right to vote and make a difference. It is very important for people to get out and vote.&uot;

The polls will be open early and stay open late to accommodate the schedules of everyone.

Polls will open at 7 a.m. and are scheduled to remain so until 7 p.m.

This should give everyone a good opportunity to cast his or her vote and make a difference.

On June 29 the people of Butler County have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the Democratic system.

All they have to do is go to the polls.