Boy#039;s State elects Moseley as state auditor

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 25, 2004

Carson Moseley, who will be a senior at Fort Dale Academy in the fall, was recently given a unique opportunity.

Moseley was chosen to attend Boys State at the University of Montevallo from May 30 until June 5 where he was able to network with future leaders from around the state.

Only outstanding boys who will be in the senior class in the upcoming fall are eligible.

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Future leaders are especially desired.

The program gives them a chance to network and gives them an opportunity to step into a leadership role.

Moseley said his trip to Boys State was very positive.

"It was awesome," said Moseley. "I had a really great experience and a lot of fun there."

The purpose of Boys State is to educate the youth of Alabama in the duties and privileges of American citizenship.

It is a program of training in the practical aspects of government.

While attending Boys State Moseley stepped into the role of State Auditor.

Achieving this honor was a great accomplishment for Moseley as he had to sell himself to his peers.

"I signed up to run and had to win my parties nomination," said Moseley. "Then we had to make a speech in front of all 700 people."

To many people this would have been a frightening event.

Moseley was able to shake off the butterflies and took everything in stride.

"It was a little intimidating having a full auditorium of people listening to you," said Moseley. "After that I just tried to go around and shake hands and ask people for their vote."

Moseley was able to impress his fellow Boys Staters just as he has impressed his teachers and peers in Greenville and was elected to the office of State Auditor.

After achieving this honor Moseley was given the chance to tour the Alabama State Capital.

At the Capital he was able to tour the State Auditor's office and get a better understanding of his role.

Those who attend Boys State are divided into cities.

Each city has a mayor and city council as well as congressmen and senators.

The elected officials gather to discuss ideas and run their business on the same format as the state government.

Moseley said the decision making process was a lot of fun.

"It was awesome," said Moseley. "Meeting with the young men who are going to lead Alabama in the future was a lot of fun."

Moseley also made several friends on his visit.

"I did get to meet a lot of people," said Moseley. "Of course you can't meet all 700 people, but you get to know the people in your dorm pretty well and meet as many of the others as you can."

Since leaving Boys State Moseley has kept in touch with some of his friends from the conference.

"I've already come in contact with some of them," said Moseley. "That has been pretty cool."

Boys State is the opportunity of a lifetime for young men.

Moseley realized this and encouraged others to participate.

"I would really encourage people to sign up," said Moseley. "It's a great honor and a lot of fun."