Banks opening on Wednesday a good sign

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 25, 2004

Several months ago, we ran an article bemoaning the fact that so many of our local banks and businesses closed at noon on Wednesdays.

So last week, when we learned that yet another bank will be open on Wednesday, we were pleasantly surprised.

To date, this means that anyone who wants to do their banking on Wednesday afternoon now have that option.

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Yes, call it progress if you will, but no longer can people complain about not being able to do their banking.

The new branch of First Lowndes Bank and the Butler County Bank have operated under normal business hours on Wednesdays since they opened recently.

The older banks in town have been moving steadily towards that move, with Whitney National Bank taking the plunge last week for the first time.

People's Bank & Trust, BancorpSouth and Colonial were already in the process if not completely open for business on Wednesdays.

We applaud the leadership of these financial institutions for making the change. It is a clear signal to their customers that they value the limited time placed on individuals.

Now, that the area banks are moving towards normal business hours on Wednesdays, we ask that other businesses that shut down on Wednesday afternoon consider leaving your doors open as well.

These include offices at the courthouse as well as the U.S. Post Office.

Is it right for postal customers who find themselves needing something mailed on Wednesday afternoon to have to drive out to a rural post office because they are open?

Oddly, they are also open on Saturday morning, so the whole argument about opening on Wednesdays means they are closed on Saturdays doesn't wash any longer.

Remember, it is the 21st century and people are now live in a world that is about what is convenient for them.

So change is necessary.

It might be time to realize that either you change, or you might just wake up from that Wednesday afternoon siesta and find that Greenville passed you by.

Clearly, the banks decision indicates that Greenville is moving into the future and it is open for business.