County seeing economic growth

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Things have been constantly improving in Butler County.

The industry that has made its way into Greenville has now spread throughout the county.

At Monday’s county commission meeting the commission took the time to reflect on the positive things that have been happening in our area.

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District Three Commissioner Frank Hickman was expressed his happiness with the situation in Butler County.

&uot;It is very exciting the combination of efforts of economic development and Rick McLaney along with the County Commission and the city,&uot; said Hickman. &uot;It only means good things for Butler County.&uot;

Hickman said the new additions would help to generate a better life of Butler County citizens.

&uot;This will allow us to improve the quality of life for everyone,&uot; said Hickman. &uot;It is a win-win situation for Butler County. This is an exciting time and I am pleased to have been a part of it with this commission.&uot;

Hickman added the improvements to the community were a source of pride for all its residents.

&uot;Our progress is hard to ignore,&uot; said Hickman. &uot;We should all be very proud to live in an area with so much going for it.&uot;

District Two Commissioner Jesse McWilliams also voiced his pleasure with the changes that have come.

&uot;Our economic development is getting there. We aren’t there yet, but we’re getting there,&uot; said McWilliams. &uot;Not long ago the job situation here was not very good. Through a lot of hard work and cooperation it has turned around. It looks very promising for Butler County for years to come.&uot;

Another source of pride for the county was the safe return of the 781st out of Georgiana.

District One Commissioner Gary Hanks said a special event for the unit was in progress.

&uot;The state is going to get something together for them later,&uot; said Hanks. &uot;This will be a good opportunity for us to go down there and show our support. We’d like to have a good gathering for them.&uot;

Because of low voter turnout in the June 1 primaries the commission asked the citizens of Butler County to take advantage of the chance to vote in the run off election.

They asked that everyone who is able to participate in the runoff come out and cast their vote.

&uot;We want you all to come out and vote,&uot; said District Four Commissioner Dan Robinson. &uot;We aren’t trying to tell you who to vote for we just want to see you out there.&uot;

During the meeting the Commission took the following action:

nApproval of Sheriff Harris’ request for salary adjustment for Albert McKee because of his completion of Jail Management School.

nApproval of David Capps application for &uot;Off Premises Only Beer License Application.&uot;

nApproval of change order for HVAC bid.

nApproval of contract for Professional Services with Dallas County for juvenile bed.

The Commission will next meet on Monday July 12.

Prior to the formal meeting they will hold a July 8 workshop.