Only 4,338 of you voted on Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 5, 2004

Only 4,338 of Butler County’s registered voters turned out to voice their opinion in Tuesday’s primary, and it will be the other some 10,000 registered voters who will find something to complain about after the general election in November.

But they shouldn’t.

They didn’t take the time or make the effort to voice their opinion. To exercise their right to vote. To be a part of the ones seeking to make a difference.

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No, it was that small group of just more than 4,000 people

that went to the polls and decided to make a change.

And make a loud change they did.

One incumbent has lost his seat on the Butler County Commission and two more now face


Still others, who weren’t expecting heavy opposition at the polls were shocked to find just how close their race turned out to be.

Oh, only imagine if more than 4,338 folks showed up to cast their vote.

Would the races have been so close? Would the races have ended the same way?

The sad fact is, we’ll never know.

We’ve stressed on the importance of voting for the past month now. We’ve introduced you to the candidates who were up for election. The candidates have gotten out and most of them introduced themselves to you.

Did you repay the favor by at least casting a vote one way or another?

Probably not.

But don’t fear. There is a runoff later this month, although its only for two races on the Democratic side.

But just imagine. All it takes is one vote.

In November, we hope the apathetic view of most registered voters in Butler County has passed. It’s a very important election — one with local, state and national implications. We will be at the polls, and we encourage you to do the same.