Council sees drug raid as success

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 12, 2004

At Monday night’s Greenville City Council meeting Mayor Dexter McLendon was more than happy to give away $1,935.

This money wasn’t just going out the window. This was the fee that came with last Monday’s drug raid that saw amazing results both in the arrest and confiscation of drugs and in the message it sent.

For this reason, Mayor McLendon was more than happy to pay the bill.

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&uot;I think that this is the best money we have ever spent,&uot; said McLendon. &uot;I have been involved in they city and police for a long time and I have seen projects that worked and some that didn’t. This is definitely one that did.&uot;

McLendon said the message that was sent a week ago was simple.

&uot;If you are involved with drugs you had better go somewhere else,&uot; said McLendon. &uot;If you do it here we will find you and put you in jail.&uot;

From there the council moved on to discuss one of the other major topics around the city.

Getting the Hysco plant ready as soon as possible.

McLendon said Hysco officials have planned a presentation in the summer and voiced concerns about whether or not everything would be ready.

&uot;Hysco makes a product that has to be painted,&uot; said McLendon. &uot;They have planned to have a presentation on July 10 and didn’t want there to be any dust around.&uot;

To remedy the situation the council approved Resolution 2004-28 to award a bid for the industrial Access Road Projects for Hwashin America and Hysco upon the Alabama Department of Transportation’s concurrence.

Repairs and maintenance for the airport were also discussed at the meeting. Increased traffic at the airport has caused wear and tear on the runway and landing strip.

The council passed Resolution 2004-30, which would allow the mayor to enter a contract with Garver Engineers.

The project will call for a Polymer overlay that will coat the landing strip and greatly decrease the problem.

Other Resolutions passed at the meeting were:

N Resolution 2004-06 to repeal on-site absentee voting in city elections in accordance with the Code of Alabama.

N Resolution 2004-27 to approve a request from REF Alabama Inc. for tax abatement of prorate taxes and construction related taxes.

N Resolution 2004-29 authorizing the addition of 26 street lights on Willow Lane to the City’s Alabama Power account.

On the topic of Resolution 2004-27 the council wanted to assure the public that this was not a free ride.

City Attorney Richard Hartley said that this was a common thing when helping a business get back on its feet.

&uot;REF is in the process of completely rebuilding,&uot; said Hartley. &uot;It is not uncommon for us to help out businesses in this situation.&uot;

Hartley added that REF would still pay education taxes.

In closing, the council asked that people be aware that they will meet next Monday at 5:15 rather than on May 24.

The reason for the change is that many of the council members will be attending the Alabama League of Municipalities Annual Convention in Birmingham May 22-26.