Remember your mom on Mother#039;s Day

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 8, 2004

On Sunday, we will honor our mothers with cards, candy, flowers, gifts of diamonds and precious stones and every other item imaginable.

But we have to remember that no matter what we spend or what we give to our mothers, it hardly compares to the role of a mother.

That is what Sunday is all about, honoring Mom.

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Mothers love their children unconditionally and expect nothing in return, but your love. So honor that unconditional love Remember, she is the one who loved you no matter how late you stayed out, what your grades were or even when you brought home a boyfriend/girlfriends she absolutely detested.

That unconditional love continues as an adult. Mothers are fond of saying, &uot;No matter how old you are you will always be my baby.&uot;

Well no matter how old your mother gets, she is always your mother.

Your mother doesn't care how much money you make, or what type of house you live in or that you drive a Mercedes.

Again, your rewards for working hard are your rewards, as her reward is being your mother.

You know, that kind of love is priceless in this world.

It is important to remember that no woman carries the title of mother without deserving it.

With all your successes, take a moment this Sunday and ask your mother what hopes and dreams she put aside in order that she could be a mother.

What path did she choose not to take?

The answer might surprise you.

Not that she will regret the decision, but it is important to know these things about her.

Remember she is the one who cheered you on as a child.

She picked you up when you fell and she made you smile, when you were down.

She gives worldly advice without a Ph.D. and she'll tell you the truth when it is hard to see.

Your mother is there through the good and bad, through sickness and good health.

She was there when you broke your arm playing football and she was there when you sprained your ankle as a cheerleader.

She lends her ear when you need someone to talk to.

She gives her hugs as freely as rain from the skies.

She didn't do it because she had to do it.

She did it all because she is your mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all of our readers.