County to discuss tag cost increase

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 8, 2004

The Butler County Commission held its monthly workshop to preview the issues that will be discussed during Monday’s meeting.

Among the issues were a $3 mail out fee that had been voted on in January. The fee was a part of the One Stop Tag Act and Resolution 2003-197.

This act said the County Commission would be given the option of imposing a $3 mail out fee to aid in the cost of tags.

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County engineer Dennis McCall said the discussion of the act was simply a review.

&uot;This is something that was voted on in January,&uot; said McCall. &uot;We just needed to review it and discuss how to deal with the costs associated with mail outs.&uot;

McCall also discussed a minor mistake that was detected in the counties bid for an ADECA grant to help with countywide improvements.

&uot;Three was a small mistake in one of our resolutions saying that we would put up $258,555.75 in matching funds for the grant,&uot; said McCall. &uot;The amount should have been $296,555.75. It was just a minor mistake in calculations.&uot;

Though the amount of matching funds jumped considerably, McCall felt that it was necessary to secure the grant.

&uot;We are required to match a minimum amount for the grant,&uot; said McCall. &uot;But the more that we show that we are willing to match the better our odds are of getting the grant.&uot;

By securing the grant the county would also secure $400,000 in funds to aid in the general improvement of Butler County.

These funds would go a long way in helping to secure industry for the area as well as beautifying parts of the county in dire need of attention.

So far this year such funds have been used to repair several bridges and culverts around the county.

The repairs have had a direct effect in drawing industry not only to Greenville, but recently to the south end of Butler County.

It was also pointed out to the commission that they needed an increase in their Administrative Bond Issue.

An audit pointed out that there was $20,000 in the Bond Issue currently. It was advised that the amount be increased to $100,00 as soon as possible.

Commission Chairman Jesse McWilliams said this was an issue that the commission would take a close look at.

&uot;We know that this is something that we need to look into,&uot; said McWilliams. &uot;We will try to remedy this situation however we can.&uot;

The commission will hold its next regular meeting at 10 a.m. Monday.