Tillery leads A#039;s to 6#110;5 victory over Braves, Cubs too much for Giants

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

The Dixie Minor A's took advantage of 13 walks to edge the Braves 6n5 Monday night.

Second baseman Cade Tillery led the A's with two singles and two runs scored. Tim Gorum scored two runs and Bruce Jones scored once.

Hunter Armstrong and Dylan Jones led the Braves as each finished with a single and a run scored. Taylor Deshazo scored twice for the Braves and Brandon Matthews scored once.

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Cubs 5

Giants 2

A couple of passed balls led to runs for the Cubs as they defeated the Giants 5n2 Monday night.

Joshua Hamm and Jerome Cook each finished with a single and scored a run to lead the Cubbies. Charlie Scofield, Royce Tolbert and Tyler Millo each scored a run for the Cubs.

Brandon Brown led the Giants with an RBI double. Dalton Burns scored a run for the Giants.