Property taxes totalling #036;29,000 remain unpaid

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

In October, Butler County Tax Collector Belle Peavy mailed out approximately 10,331 property tax notices to the county’s property owners.

While most property owners paid their taxes by the Dec. 31, 2003 due date, there remains some from the original 10,331 that still owes taxes totaling approximately $29,000.

Now those who have not paid will find their names in this edition of the newspaper in the county’s official &uot;List of Unpaid Property Taxes.&uot;

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&uot;This ad is run so that if there is the remote chance they don’t know, that they’ll come in and pay,&uot; Peavy said.

It is remote that they don’t know because on Oct. 1, 2003, Peavy’s office mailed the 10,331 notices.

By Dec. 31, 2003, approximately 1,400 still owed, and a second notice was mailed.

&uot;We send the first notice out as soon after Oct. 1 as we can get it in the mail,&uot; she said.

&uot;The notice states that property taxes are due by Dec. 31.

Once we get caught up on mail and log it in, we send out the second notice right after the first of the year.&uot;

Peavy said the law provides a cutoff date after the second notice.

For those who still have not paid on that cutoff date, a certified letter is sent to the property owner.

&uot;In the letter we tell them that if property taxes are not paid on the next cutoff date, the delinquent property tax will advertise in the local newspaper,&uot; she said.

&uot;This ad is not supposed to be a way to embarrass or intimidate any property owners.

It is our hope that a relative or friend may see the advertisement and alert the property owner who will then contact us.&uot;

Properties on which the taxes remain unpaid will go on the auction block on the Butler Courthouse on June 1, 2004, on the courthouse steps.

Opening bid for the properties to be sold at auction will be the amount of the unpaid taxes.

Following the auction, property owners have three years to pay the taxes and redeem their land before it goes to the bidder who holds the lien in the form of a Tax Deed that will be issued by the probate judge’s office.

According to the Peavy, state law dictates the advertisement and sale of property with unpaid tax liens.

Those interested in bidding on properties on the Unpaid Property Tax List are advised to contact Peavy’s office prior to the auction to confirm that the specific property is still available.

Also, anyone wishing for more information about owing property taxes can also call Peavy at 382-6312.