Day of Prayer set for Thursday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

The City of Greenville will observe the National Day of Prayer on Thursday with a service on the steps of City Hall.

Mayor Dexter McLendon, as well as several area ministers will speak before leading all those who arrive in a moment of prayer.

The event is open to all religions and is aimed at one goal.

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Shirley C. Dobson, Chairwoman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, hopes that this year’s event will be the biggest yet.

&uot;Our 2003 observance proved to be yet another overwhelming success,&uot; said Dobson. &uot;We anticipate this years event will be uplifting as well.&uot;

The theme for this years event will be &uot;Let Freedom Ring.&uot;

The theme was inspired by Leviticus 25:10…&uot;proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.&uot;

The NPD Task Force has also launched a new initiative called the Freedom Five intended to spur people on to intercede daily for the nation.

Dobson said the significance in the number five was simple.

&uot;We are asking folks to set aside five minutes of each day to lift up the five &uot;centers of power,&uot; said Dobson. &uot;These centers are government, media, education system, church and family.&uot;

Each of these areas is important in impacting the country and its citizens.

Dobson said that the day of prayer can be a big help in keeping the moral of our nations people on the upswing.

&uot;Although it is tempting to become discouraged in the face of current challenges we can remain heartened by the knowledge that we serve a God for whom nothing is beyond,&uot; said Dobson. &uot;With that in mind we ask people to pray on Thursday on the five divisions of our society.&uot;

Dobson said that the more people that shows up the better for the event.

&uot;As we unite Americans in prayer, your ongoing involvement means a great deal to us,&uot; said Dobson. &uot;If we can be of assistance in some way we would love to hear from anyone.&uot;

Thursday’s National Day of Prayer will be the 54th of its kind. It began in 1952 and in 1958 was set by an act of Congress.

Congress declared that the National Day of Prayer should take place on the first Thursday of May each year.