Georgiana Tier II making progress

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 1, 2004

Auto Electronic America Corp., Georgiana’s new Tier II automotive supplier for Hyundai, continues to make progress on prepping the building for opening.

The building on Ebenezer Road has seen dramatic improvements since it was announced in early March it would locate here.

On Thursday, equipment began to arrive from as far away as Korea, and Georgiana City Clerk Barbara Clem said this was a major step in getting the factory open.

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&uot;We were all very happy to hear that it was on its way,&uot; said Clem. &uot;That means that we are that much closer to getting started.&uot;

Some members of the company have already moved offices into the upstairs area and begun minor work.

&uot;There are a few members of management that are in there,&uot; said Clem. &uot;They are doing as much as they can at this time.&uot;

Clem said the company has yet to set a date to begin operations, but she expects they will begin sooner than later.

&uot;I think that things are about on target,&uot; said Clem. &uot;They didn’t say when they will open but things seem to be going well right now.&uot;

Workers in the building agreed that things are going according to plan.

&uot;I think that we are in good shape right now,&uot; said Phillip Holley of Holley Electrical Services. &uot;If I had to say I would say that we are probably a little ahead of schedule.&uot;

The mood around Georgiana has definitely been one of anticipation since the plant opening was announced.

The fact that things have been moving at such a rapid pace has only enhanced the anxiousness of the citizens of South Butler County.

&uot;Everyone is really excited around town,&uot; said Clem. &uot;You can tell when you talk to people that we are all really looking forward to the opening.&uot;

It is unknown just how large the plant will be when it opens.

However, no matter its size, its significance will be huge.

The plant will show that the progress brought on by the influx of the Korean plants will not be limited to the Northern part of Butler County.