Lessons learned in Big R revival

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Like many of you, we have watched with anticipation the renovation and reopening of the landmark Big R Drive-in.

Not so much for the food or atmosphere, although it is unique to the Camellia City, but rather for the signal that it sends about the possibilities available here.

For the last 24 years, there has been no restaurant in that building.

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There have been a few businesses that occupied the building here and there, but nothing could compare with the success of the Big R.

It is funny how progress shut down the Big R when the fast food companies began moving in on the Greenville Bypass.

Now, progress is once more bringing the Big R back to life.

We guess that’s a lesson in life.

That everything works on a circle and we’re happy to see this come full circle once more.

We applaud Jimmy and Tammy Neese for their vision of having a place that everyone can feel welcome.

We applaud their decision to take something old and seemingly unusable and make it new again.

As we reported on Saturday, this is not the only project around town.

Just drive around and you’ll see the building boom that we are experiencing and it could very well be one of the most progressive eras in our city’s history.

We would encourage others looking to build or open to think about the existing structures in town as the Neese family did and utilize what we have.

We know that it takes an investment of money, but it also takes dedication.

We believe that is happening around us today.

We ask everyone to remain dedicated to the businesses that are here and businesses yet to be.

Through all our dedication, Greenville will surely be the strongest in its history.