Uncle Rocky#039; visits FDA K-5

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Fort Dale Academy kindergarten class’s prayers were answered Thursday.

For over a year Debbie Hollyfield’s kindergarten class had prayed for the return of Rocky Eady, or &uot;Uncle Rocky&uot; as the children know him, along with the rest of the 781st.

A positive response to their prayers arrived late last week.

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Thurs-day Eady arrived to answer questions and thank the children that had prayed so hard for he and his company’s safe return.

Hollyfield said Eady’s arrival affirmed the children’s belief that prayer does work.

&uot;We know that it works,&uot; said Hollyfield. &uot;We were just happy to see him in person as proof that it works.&uot;

Eady and the kindergartners discussed everything from living conditions in Iraq to fishing.

Eady told the children that they were very fortunate to live in the U.S. where they can fulfill their dreams.

&uot;There are a lot of things that we all take for granted,&uot; said Eady. &uot;I didn’t realize that until I got over there. We are all very lucky to be in this country.&uot;

Eady told the children that in Iraq there is a hunger for freedom.

&uot;They all want to be free,&uot; said Eady. &uot;They want that chance to fulfill their goals that we have here. Hopefully, we can give them that opportunity.&uot;

Eady and the 781st worked as a transportation unit while stationed in Iraq.

Their main purpose was to transport food and water throughout the area.

The 781st spent over a year away from their families after being called to duty on Feb. 7, 2003.

After leaving Fort Benning the unit remained in Iraq until March 30.

The unit would not return to Butler County until April 12.

Eady was happy to return thanks to the kindergartners upon his arrival.

&uot;I am just so happy to be back,&uot; said Eady. &uot;I was glad to be able to come in here and thank them.&uot;

Eady also told the children to continue to think about the soldiers that are still in Iraq.

&uot;We still have a lot of guys over there that need your prayers,&uot; said Eady. &uot;There are a lot of people over there who are fighting so that we can all be free. We never want to forget them.&uot;

For now the 781st has been taken off active duty. They will return to their everyday lives as civilians that they lived prior to their 2003 activation.