Passion#039; shows Christian conviction

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 6, 2004

My wife and I joined several members of the Legislature for a special viewing of The Passion of the Christ this past week, and I would like to join the many writers who are commenting on this extraordinary film.

Mel Gibson, in my opinion, should be applauded by Christians for having the courage to make this type movie.

Hollywood needs a good dose of morality and maybe this film will be the "ticket" to do just that.

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After viewing the film, I feel that the central message of the movie has been somewhat lost in the debate about alleged anti-Semitism.

First of all, I saw no anti-Semitism in the movie.

The storyline was biblically factual and that, in and of itself, naturally brings the Jewish leaders to the center stage of all events which are depicted.

The message to me was Christ suffering and sacrifice for the redemption of humanity.

No one in the audience could miss that message in the film, so it makes me believe that reviewers are simply ignoring what they see.

The movie is intense in the beginning and it generally stays that way to the end.

I was surprised that words were spoken in non-English and that it was a subtitled movie.

Upon leaving the movie, I reflected upon Mel Gibson's choice to handle it this way and decided it definitely made the movie more meaningful.

Rarely has a movie before its release attracted the kind of buzz surrounding "The Passion of the Christ."

This is probably because it is a religious film, as well as one which seeks to adhere to the Bible story of the death of Jesus.

To me a lot of hypocrisy can be seen in the commentary out of Hollywood on this movie.

Those people who have condemned conservatives for criticizing films and television programs are now guilty of the same thing with Gibson's movie.

I am hopeful that this will be the beginning of a number of movies which take the Bible stories and accurately present them on movie screens across the country.

I read where Mel Gibson spent his own money on this film because no one else would help him bear the cost.

From an economic standpoint, I feel like those who declined to help Gibson are now wishing they had.

Gibson will probably get back all of his investment in the first few days of this movie's release and after that enjoy a very large profit from his work.

I recommend the movie to you, and I hope you will see it if you have not already.

It brings to life many of the Old Testament and New Testament passages relating to the suffering of our Savior.

It is a faith-building movie, and it is one which portrays the very essence of our cornerstone beliefs.

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