Three plead guilty during arraignments

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 28, 2004

Arraignments were held in the Second Judicial Circuit Court Friday morning before Judge Edward McFerrin.

During those arraignments, Chris Ward, Eddie Roy Lewis and Rico Boggan entered guilty pleas for their offenses.

All three pleas were accepted and punishment was immediately handed down.

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Ward was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for the crime of possession of a controlled substance.

However, his sentence was suspended on the condition that he recieve two years of probation.

Ward must also pay court costs, as well as fines of $100 and $1,000.

The $100 fine is a crime victim’s fee to provide them with compensation in situations where they may receive nothing.

The $1,000 fine is put on all drug cases. This fine is designed to reduce the use of drugs.

Eddie Roy Lewis was also given a suspended sentence on his charge of breaking and entering a motor vehicle.

Lewis’ three-year sentence was suspended for three years probation. Lewis will pay these fines in three monthly installments beginning in 30 days.

Rico Demond Boggans sentence of five years was also suspended.

However, because of prior charges, Boggan will be required to serve 12 months of that sentence.

Boggan received the same fines as the other two guilty pleas.

In addition, Boggan was required to pay $500 for court costs.

It was also decided that during his incarceration 25 percent of any earnings that Boggan may recieve through work release will be applied to fines.

Boggan was taken into custody immediately following the proceedings.

The remaining offenders were either arraigned or filed waivers for their charges.

In this case the offenders must appear on May 3 for criminal docket call day.

If the cases are not handled at this time trial week for the cases will begin May 17.