Pres. Ronald Reagan on the dime? That#039;s a penny ante idea

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 10, 2004

An Indiana Republican recently created a political brouhaha when he initiated a move to replace Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt on the dime with Pres. Ronald Reagan.

Rep. Mark Souder, who sponsored the idea, believes Reagan should have the honor because he "renewed economic growth, strengthened the resolve of the free world to oppose totalitarianism and restored pride in the United States.&uot;

That we will not deny.

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He did it all and he left office as one of the most beloved presidents in our nation's history.

We do not wish to diminish Reagan's contribution, but to replace Roosevelt would surely diminish his legacy.

Placing Roosevelt on the dime came about in 1946 because of his fight against polio.

He also inspired the March of Dimes to begin its major fund raising campaign.

The congressman further explained how putting Reagan on the dime is the right thing to do because he was "wounded under the left arm by a bullet that had ricocheted and flattened to the size of a dime."

Yes, he said that according to the Associated Press.

This whole thing also came about because of the furor over the television miniseries, "The Reagans."

Nancy Reagan who continues to stand by her ailing husband wants no part in the matter.

She knows the history of the dime's connection to Roosevelt, and obviously the Indiana congressman does not.

FDR held a special relationship with the dime because in 1938 when he founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, more than 2.6 million dimes were mailed to the White House.

We don't need to change our money now.

Leave it alone.

Reagan already has a major hub airport and gigantic government building named for him in Washington.

We can't help but think how embarrassed Reagan would over this issue.

He might just look at the congressman, smirk and say, "There you go again!"

While Reagan did serve two terms and did so much for the economy, you have to remember that it was Roosevelt who brought America through the Great Depression and then almost to the conclusion of World War II, and he did it all from the confinement of a wheelchair.

Now that's impressive.

To replace Roosevelt for whatever reason would be a disservice to the presidential legacies of both men.