Auburn scandal a bit too much to swallow

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Auburn University Pres. William Walker and Athletic Director David Housel proved with their recruiting trip to Louisville that they are not professionals and do not deserve their positions.

When the rumors began that Head Coach Tommy Tuberville's job was on the line, the appropriate thing for Walker and Housel to have done would be to come forward and vehemently deny the rumors.

To stand shoulder to shoulder with Tuberville and let the Auburn faithful know that they were still squarely behind their multi-million dollar coach.

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Can you imagine what Tuberville and his players were going through on the day of the Iron Bowl, a day that should have been the biggest of their lives.

Instead of being able to concentrate, they had to worry about what the coaching situation would be the next day.

We agree that Gov. Bob Riley should be incensed with the actions of members of the Auburn Board of Trustees.

It amazes us that of all the colleges in this state, whenever bad news falls out of Auburn the trustees are involved.

It's time to get rid of the good ole boys who run Auburn and let the next president do his job.

We say the next president because we do not believe that Walker deserves the honor of heading Auburn University any longer.

As for Housel, he can be shown the door as well. Auburn University has made Housel a rich man and as he smugly put it in an Associated Press story Tuesday, he's not worried about his job security.

That's the problem, Mr. Housel.

You work for the people, taxpayers and citizens of Alabama.

If 34 years in the business has taught him to behave no better than this, then it's time he exits.

On Monday, Tuberville showed how professional he can be by announcing he would remain at Auburn and that he was doing so because of the guys in the football program.

He could have easily walked away a rich man, but he put the players he recruited and brought to Auburn ahead of his own needs.

By doing so,

he proved to the Auburn faithful that he does indeed bleed orange and blue.

The only color that comes to mind with Walker and Housel comes is in a very bright shade of yellow.

We would urge Gov. Riley as head of the board of trustees to once and for all go to Auburn and clean house.

He seeks more efficient government, well let's start with the public universities who have boards that are sitting around trying to control things from the behind the scenes.

Clean up there and he could save millions.

This year's Iron Bowl was robbed from the Auburn faithful because of the revelations about Walker and Housel.

The fans, students, parents and taxpayers deserve some type of retribution and the easiest way is to remove these two from the Plains once and for all.