So many topics…so little space

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 22, 2003

There are times when there is so much on my mind and in my heart I wish I had space for a half-dozen columns. I am not sure, however, that our poor readers would have the patience to churn through it all.

So if you’re ready, get set and let’s go!

Our first stop: the Exchange Club’s Veterans Day rally in the park last Tuesday. The attendance was regrettably slim – frankly, I am not so sure we do appreciate our veterans the way we should – but the spirit of patriotism and pride was strong, nevertheless.

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Mr. Thurston Mosley, decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, a man who spent four years in the hospital mending from war wounds that left him permanently disabled, proved a powerful speaker.

Whether or not we agree with the armed conflicts being fought or how they are being directed, our men and women serving in harm’s way deserve our moral support, both overseas and once they are back home. Let’s hold our politicians accountable and require them to make good on campaign promises to help veterans. We need to demand a stop to their hypocrisy.

Next stop: my conversation with Andy Andrews. Some of you will recall seeing Andrews on various television specials throughout the years and some may have even caught his comedy act in Las Vegas.

I myself remembered seeing on the ‘boob tube’ an affable blonde fellow with an outsize nose, engaging Alabama drawl and affection for clean comedy, the kind you could take your grandma to hear without blushing.

It turns out that ‘aw-shucks guy’ is a regular dynamo who is turning the publishing world upside down with his &uot;little book that could&uot;, ‘The Traveler’s Gift’.

I had a very delightful and insightful conversation with him last week as he prepared to leave on a USO ‘Season’s Greetings’ Tour with the a 15-piece swing band , the group ‘Restless Heart’ and the New England Patriot cheerleaders

(&uot;It should be great although the eight shots I had to get before I left were not.&uot;)

It’s always great to see a native Alabamian achieve success, especially one who seems to be as genuinely as nice, caring and giving an individual as Andy appears to be. His book was a genuine inspiration for me, and I would like to suggest you consider as a Christmas gift or a special treat for yourself.

Stop number three: Tomorrow , November 20, is Great American Smoke-Out Day.

As publicity chair for the local branch of the American Cancer Society I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage all of you sucking on those cancer sticks to make a concerted effort to put them away for a day.

And if you can do it for a day, why not for a lifetime? Your lungs and heart will thank you (not to mention your hair, teeth, skin and clothing….and most of all your family, They all of which suffer from exposure to your habit). Think about it.

I’ve already exceeded my quota of space, but one last thing: happy, happy 80th birthday to the greatest mother-in-law a gal could hope for. We love you, P.R.!

Angie Long is a Lifestyles writer and columnist for the Greenville Advocate.

She can be reached by leaving a message at (334) 382-5145 or vie e-mail at