A change in the seasons

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 4, 2003

These days, I sneeze practically every time I even venture out the door to feed my many pets.

My eyes are itchy and ‘goopy’ every morning when I wake up.

As for my voice—it has the amusing tendency to squeak and sputter like an adolescent boy’s at the oddest times.

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Of course, it all adds up to the commencement of fall allergy season, an annual love-hate fest for me and, I’m betting, many of you.

However, there are so many blessings in this season: crisp, refreshing breezes, leaves magically transforming to those beautiful autumn hues of crimson, gold and brown, the arrival of

&uot;football weather&uot;, the chance to (mostly) kiss away the oppressive heat and humidity of an Alabama summer.

All things considered, the good stuff fall brings to my life far outweighs the curse of my stuffy nose and swollen lymph nodes.

Autumn and my birthday’s arrival almost coincided last week. Coincidentally, did you know an up-and-coming Alabama author (her latest book rising on the New York Times Bestsellers list, no less) just happened to be on her way through Greenville on my birthday? I was slated to have lunch and do an exclusive interview with her at the Cracker Barrel.


I did wonder why Jay was a bit vague about the details—but I decided to chalk it up to the poor man’s battle with his recent health problems.

The mythical ‘Eliza (or was it ‘Elizabeth’?) Adams’ never materialized. Four of my co-workers did, however, with devilish grins and good wishes.

The meal was delicious (as were the luscious cupcakes we later enjoyed). I discovered most of my co-workers are a heck of a lot better at the newspaper game than singing—but I love ’em anyway.

And, hey, I didn’t have to wear a giant foam lobster hat (though one might be an interesting addition to my chapeau collection)…

Let me extend congratulations to all those who took home ribbons for their efforts at last week’s county fair.

I understand all the winners’ names will be appearing in our pages, so your keep your eyes open to see your kid’s (or grandkid’s or neighbor’s—or your own) name in print.

The exhibit hall looked outstanding after it was set up (what talent we have in this county!). I hope many of you took the opportunity to check it all out.

I close with a word about Operation Christmas Child 2003.

It’s one of the ‘funnest’ and most satisfying ministries you can be involved in during the holiday season.

Contact Linda Horn for more info—she’ll be happy to fill you in.

Angie Long is a Lifestyles writer and columnist for the Greenville Advocate.

She can be reached by leaving a message at (334) 382-5145 or vie e-mail at