Georgiana youth rally unites county students

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 13, 2003

In a rousing spiritual event that brought together 250 school children from 10 area churches for worship and celebration that crossed racial and denominational barriers, Mt. Pisgah Baptist and First Baptist Churches of Georgiana sponsored a &uot;Back-to-School Youth Rally,&uot; Friday, August 8, at the Georgiana Theater.

The rally featured guest speakers that included Reverends Lois and Leander Robinson from Covenant Warriors Worship Center in Greenville, Pastor Tim Patton of First Baptist Church of Greenville, head football coaches Keith York from Georgiana High School, Scott Curd from McKenzie High School and Alvin Briggs from Greenville High School, State Representative Charles Newton and evangelist Michael Holcomb.

Musical performances included Christian Life Ministries’ Jerod Lowe, Ryan Landwehr and Patrick Demuth, Caitlyn Bozeman, Jessie Wilson and Sabrina Reynolds.

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The rally also featured dance numbers by Southside Baptist Church’s Stick Team and the Covenant Warriors Youth Group.

The night’s festivities included a hot dog supper, a can-crushing competition, students digging gummy worms out of whipped cream with their mouths, and lots of spiritual teaching and praise.

Rep. Newton asked the assembled students to remember the constraints of time on their lives.

&uot;I want to talk with you about the limited time we have,&uot; Newton said. &uot;In the third chapter of Ecclesiastes, we learn that there is a time for everything. The question for all of us, particularly our young people, is what are we going to do with our time. It’s important that you use your time wisely; and make the right decisions during your years in school.&uot;

Each of the coaches offered words of inspiration to the students and offered advice on the importance of education and faith.

&uot;As coaches, teachers or principals, we are put in a position to have an influence on students’ lives,&uot; Coach York said. &uot;At the end of each of our practices, we say the Lord’s Prayer. Many times others rush through it and don’t really listen to the words. But when we say it, we try to pay attention to the words and get the meaning from them each time we say it.&uot;

Revs. Lois and Leander Robinson of the Covenant Warriors Worship Center reminded the students that the decisions they make each day have an impact on their lives.

&uot;You can play now, and pay later; or you can pay now and play later. But pay, you will,&uot; Leander said. &uot;Young people, I challenge you tonight, to stand up for what you believe in.&uot;

His wife, Lois, told the children to &uot;remember that a ship in the harbor is safe, but sitting in the harbor is not what a ship was built for.&uot;

She told them they would never discover what they could do until they tried.

&uot;Do not be afraid of failure,&uot; she said.

Mt. Pisgah and First Baptist Church of Georgiana Pastor Allen Stephenson was the impetus behind the project.

&uot;The idea was to praise the name of Jesus,&uot; Stephenson said. &uot;I have dreamed for years of doing something like this. It was a truly powerful experience for everyone who attended. I was so blessed to be able to be a part of it, and am very grateful to have had so much support from all of our local churches, especially Mt. Pisgah and First Baptist of Georgiana – my churches. They were wonderful, and everything turned out better than we ever hoped.&uot;

The rally wrapped up at 9:30 p.m. with about 50 students coming forward to talk with adults and make decisions about their faith.