Goliath hath nowhere to hide

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2003

(Editor’s note: The original column, printed in 1991, follows . . . with some refinements.)

Little David was small, but, oh my! The little feller slew that there gigantic giant, Goliath.

Greenville has its own version of little David, and he has slewn a whole bunch of giants since his arrival here in 1973.

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We speak with a show of esteem about our friend and colleague – the winner of this week’s camellia bouquet – the Honorable Melvyn Stone, whom we consider the Camellia City’s Numero Uno community service leader.

You name your program and rest assured the Melvyn will be on hand to lend whatever assistance may be indicated to insure that program’s success.

He was born in Selma on October 11, 1940, and was raised in Pine Apple, where he received his secondary education at Moore Academy, graduating in the spring of 1958.

From thence he moved on to The Loveliest Village of the Plains where he attended Auburn University, graduating with a BS degree in Business Administration in 1963.

Upon graduation Melvyn went to work with his father at Pine Apple, helping him run the family store and the Stone farm and its holdings.

He remained at that post some 10 years, until 1973, before assuming his position with the First National Bank of Greenville.

He toiled arduously in the banking business, working his way through several job descriptions, and emerged in February of 1990 as First National’s vice president in charge of public relations.

Melvyn is one of the better public relators it has been our privilege to deal with. He not only arranges functions; he also oversees them and attends as a participant.

During his tenure at the bank, he has taken courses and graduated from the University of Oklahoma’s Installment Credit School and from the L.S.U. School of Banking.

He continues to serve the bank, now the Whitney National Bank, as manager of its Gateway Plaza branch.

Among his varied extra-curricular activities, Melvyn is a Rotarian, treasurer of the Greenville-Butler County Library Board, treasurer of Woodland Heights Methodist Church, is past president of the Central Alabama Banking Association and is a vocal and supportive member of the War Eagle Alumni Association.

His hobbies include almost full-time practicing his banking profession and maintaining one of Greenville’s best-kept landscapes at his 420 Bala Clava residence.

Back in 1971, Melvyn married the former Glenda Camp of Pensacola while she was a teacher in the public school system of Dallas County. Currently she is a first-grade teacher at the W.O. Parmer Elementary School.

His origins are deeply rooted in the history of Butler County, with those counted among his forebears of the Mt. Moriah area at Monterey being the Yelders, Steens and Donalds.

Greenville’s Melvyn, when finis is written to the workaday routine, like Alexander the Great, seeks other worlds to conquer. Not tearfully, but with uncommon zeal.

Buster MacGuire is copy editor and columnist for the Greenville Advocate.

He may be reached by calling 334.382.3111.