Fastpitch softball clinic aids local softball players

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Prattville's David Dudley knows softball.

His resume proves it.

And with the 59nyearnolds training, the players in Greenville's Dixie Softball League may soon have impressive resumes of their own.

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Dudley, a former Amateur Softball Association AllnAmerican fastpitch player for the 10ntime world champion Clearwater Bombers and owner of David Dudley's Fastpitch Softball Academy, recently held a threenday softball clinic at Greenville Softball Complex. The clinic was intended to teach the girls attending the basic skills needed to be able to compete in fastpitch softball.

"I think the camp went great," Dudley said. "We had less than a 10nton1 ratio as far as instructors to pupils is concerned and that's very, very important. You always have a couple that don't have the interest that they're going to have in a couple of years."

During the clinic, Dudley taught the proper mechanics of throwing and catching. He also touched base on hitting and gave simplified pitching lessons.

"We try to do just the basics and teach them good proper mechanics, instead of trying to get too far advanced right away," Dudley added.

Lakyn Newton, an upcoming senior at Greenville High School, was one of 27 local softball players that attended the clinic. The 17nyearnold member of the 13n18nyear old championship Rebels said Dudley's pitching instructions helped her the most.

"It went good," Newton said. "Pitching is what I got the most out of it. He showed us basic techniques, how to grip the ball and the correct form and stance to pitch. It was one of the best camps I've been to."

Newton also plays for Greenville's Lady Tigers' softball team.

Thirteennyearnold Halie Burnette, who attends Greenville Middle School and was a member of Greenville's secondnplace Explosion, said the clinic was more of a refresher course for her.

"I thought it was real neat," Burnette said. "It was real basic. He knows what he's talking about. It gave the little girls an idea of what fastpitch is like."

Dudley holds twontonthree camps during the summer, but focuses more on his fastpitch softball academy in Prattville, where he can work onenonnone with pitchers of all ages. By the end of Greenville's camp on Wednesday Dudley said he noticed the level of play improve in all the girls.

"By Wednesday, you could see the skill level beginning to go up a little bit," Dudley said. "As far as throwing and catching, you can definitely see some improvement because we worked on that everyday. Throwing and catching is what we worked on most of all because in the younger tournaments you're going to win or lose with your ability to throw and catch the ball on defense."

Local softball players that attended the clinic include Marvia Scott, Abby Blackmon, Halie Burnette, Lauren Christ, Alexandra Courtney, Danita Crenshaw, Kristin Edwards, Lori Fail, Tanner King, Mikki Harris, Jessie Langford, Shantzel S. Peagler, Jordan Peavy, Cortnee Meyers, Amber McKenzie, Kendra McNaughton, Kendra Mitchell, Lakyn Newton, Kariee Newton, Nicole Norton, Peyton Norrell, Abbey Martin, Erin Taylor, Jasmine Truitt, Tamara Truitt, McCall Watson and Katie Wilson.

For more information on Dudley's camps or academy, contact him at 1n334n365n6719.