Tax package now becomes personal issue

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2003

The wheels of government have rolled to a stop against our front porches in Alabama.

Now, it’s up to each voter to step out the front door and make a decision as to whether we’ll stay on the porch and look at the old clunker resting on the steps, or move it out of the way in favor of Gov. Bill Riley’s tax package.

State Representative Alan Boothe said recently, &uot;It’s a sweeping tax change, if the people of Alabama will vote it in.&uot;

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That’s a big &uot;if.&uot; Never before have Alabamians seen such a large tax increase in one package, nor have we seen such a large fiscal abyss.

Until Alabama polls open in September for the referendum, we’ll be barraged by groups lobbying the people both for and against the package, which also includes some sorely needed accountability measures.

The important thing to remember is that the decision is ours to make. We the People, to whom Thomas Jefferson referred as having all the authority, must decide what’s best for our state through deciding what’s best for our families.

The thing to do, Boothe said, is to study the tax proposals and see whether taxes will go up or down on an individual basis. Then, cast a vote accordingly.

That’s sound advice, and if Alabamians will vote their sound convictions, we’ll all win.