Cardinals keep Braves to one run in Dixie Minors

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2003

Monday the Cardinals handed the Braves an 8-1 loss as the Braves could only get five runners on base against the Card's pitching.

Dylon McNaughton had the only score for the Braves when he was hit in by Stephen Till's double in the first inning.

The Cardinals didn't get a man home until the second inning when Brian Smith, Tyler Hammond, Shane Spann and Tucker Harrell rounded the bases.

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Jay Johnson and Brian Smith added two more runs in the third and Brandon Smith and Ryan Smith capped off the win with two runs in the fourth. Ryan also posted the game's only homerun.

Williams makes deciding score for A's win

Jeremy McGinty drove in Chance Williams to give the A's the winning run over the Cubs, 3-2, in Dixie Minors play.

The Cubs, playing with a man short, got off to a quick start as Reid Bowen scored in the top of the first. The A's answered back in the second inning as Kevin Taylor got the RBI when Jonathan Scott scored.

In the third, the tie continued as Dalton Burns rounded the bases for the Cubs and Calvin McDonald hit a triple and scored on a hit by Benson Stonicher.

But the A's snatched the lead and the win in the fifth inning with Chance Williams making it home.

For the Cubs, Bowen went three for four with one run. Burns ended the night two for four with one run. Charlie Schofield was two for two and Mitchell Young hit three for three. Andrew Callen got a hit all three times he batted.

The A's had Jonathan Scott hitting one for two and scoring once. Chance Williams brought in a run and hit one for two. And Calvin McDonald scored after hitting one for two. Josh Ray and Kevin Taylor also went one for two.

Braves out hit Giants, 4-2

The Giants tried to come from a three run deficit against the Braves scoring two runs in the fifth inning, but it wasn't enough as the Braves added a fourth run in the bottom of the fifth inning to cap the win.

The Braves jumped out to an early lead as Nathan Branum singled and scored after Stephen Till and Wesley Hendrix landed singles. Demontray Warren added the Braves second run in the second inning and third run in the fourth.

The Giants couldn't get anything going for the first four innings, but came out strong in the fifth as Skyler Mcheowa and Michael Gregory each got on base and later scored after Wyatt Anderson, Kyle Plany, Matt Langford and Ryan Thompson each went to the plate and got on base.

The Braves answered the Giant's two with Till rounding the bases after Hendrix and Darious Howard hit singles to drive him in.

The Giants couldn't come back from the 4-2 deficit in the sixth and the Braves took the win.

Cardinals take big win over Rays

The Cardinals kept the Devil Rays scoreless and racked up 16 runs to take the win in three innings.

The Rays' Cody Tesmer opened up with a double followed by Justin Lee who also got to second. But the side was retired after two more bats.

The Cardinals Gray Vinson answered Tesmer's double with one of his own and later scored followed by Brandon Smith, Ryan Smith, Jay Johnson and Brian Smith bringing in runs to put the Devil Rays down by five.

The Rays couldn't answer the Cards' five in their second at-bat and the Cards picked right back up where they left off in the first. Brandon Smith, Ryan Smith and Jay Johnson rounding the bases twice in the second. The scoring continued with Brian Smith, Scott Bentley, Tucker Harrell, Trever Womack, and Gray Vinson also making the trip to home plate.

The game ended after the Ray's couldn't get anything going in the third with the Card's up, 16-0.