Alert system a step in right direction

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 14, 2003

The worst thing a parent can go through is to not know where his or her child is.

Every day in America a child is abducted leaving the parents wondering if they will ever see the child again.

For many, this growing occurrence has led them to not letting the child out of their sight.

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Still, abductions occur.

The newly adopted AMBER system was created by a mother after her child, Amber Hagerman, was abducted and brutally murdered.

The system allows affiliated law enforcement agencies to use the emergency weather systems in spreading information on confirmed abducted children.

Agencies will broadcast not only the description of the child but also information about the abductor – particularly the vehicle believed used.

As a child's chances of a safe return decrease by the minute, the AMBER alert system gives law enforcement to ability to draw on public support in a fraction of the time it use to take.

Though is program has only enjoyed a 20 percent success rate, the more people know about it and the more agencies involved with it, the higher this rate will climb.

So pay attention to your radio the next time an alert is broadcast. It may be your opportunity to help a child safely get home.