Midget League kicks off

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 3, 2003

The Midget Girls Softball League kicked off its season Monday night with Greenville Parks and Recreation Director Jerome Harris throwing out the ceremonial pitch in the league’s opening ceremony.

The Midget League includes girls, ages 9-12, on four teams called the Aggies, Patriots, Slammers and Angels.

Aggies' Newton strikes out 10 Patriots

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In the Midget League’s first game of the season, the Aggies defeated the Patriots in a 12-3 rout spurred by homeruns courtesy of Katie Wilson and Kairee Newton.

Aggies pitcher Kairee Newton controlled the game from her first pitch, striking out 10 Patriots, walking three and had five hits.

Hitting for the Aggies were Lori Fails with four singles, Kairee Newton with a homerun, a single and a triple, Cortnee Meyers with a single and a double, Katie Wilson, with a single and a homerun, Casey Rogers, Jordan Peavy and Jessica Scott all hit singles.

The Aggies scoring squad included Lori Fails, who scored three runs, Cortnee Meyers also scored thrice, and Katie Wilson, Kairee Newton and Jessica Scott all crossed the plate twice.

On the Patriot side of the field, pitcher Shawnee Morrison struck out eight batters, walked six and had 14 hits.

Coming up with hits for the Patriots were Connor Murphy-White with a single, Anne Langford with a single, Lauren Christ with a single, and Lauren Owens with a single and a triple.

Runs for the Patriots came from Connor Murphy-White, Anne Langford and Lauren Christ with one run each.

Slammers, 9, Angels, 7

In a close contest, the Slammers pulled out a last-inning victory over the Angels in their first game of the season.

Slammer pitcher Erin Taylor struck out 14 batters, walked one and got nine hits.

Slammer hits were earned by Kayla Johnson with two singles and Erin Taylor, Beth Hyatt and Grace McNaughton with a single.

Whitney Jacks, Abbey Blackmon Beth Hyatt and Kayla Johnson scored one run each, Kris Edwards scored two, and Erin Taylor racked up three.

The Angels got in the action in the sixth inning, tying the score with seven runs.

Pitcher Nicole Norton struck out six, walked 10 and had five hits.

The Angels’ hitters were Telesha McDonald with a double and a triple, Tamara Truitt with a triple, Shantzel Peagler with a single and a double, Marvia Scott with two singles, and Sarah Roper and Jasmine Truitt with a single each.

Scoring for the Angels were Nicole Newton, Mallory Jones, Sarah Roper, Marvia Scott, Jasmine Truitt, Telesha McDonald and Summer Roper.