A hare-raising adventure

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 19, 2003

It’s spring, and a middle-aged journalist’s thoughts turn torabbits. So this past week I found myself hopping, more or less, down the Camellia City bunny trail' in search of the fabled hare.

I had a Lifestyles section to plan out pre-holiday.

I asked myself, ‘What’s the Easter holiday without a rabbit or two?’ I’d track down Peter himself.

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I found an abundance of cotton-tailed guys living out my way that

move much too fast to attempt any sort of interview, let alone a photo op. (I can only assume that lightnin’ speed is what allows the Easter Bunny to deliver so many baskets come Easter morning.)

So I sought out hares of the less antimated sort, i.e., those charming garden and seasonal bunny decorations that dot lawns and gardens around town. Those were relatively easy to find.

However, decent weather wasn’t.

Last Monday—oh, what a washout that was.

Tuesday arrived, clammy, cold and damp with a wicked wind that cut right through clothing.

Still, I was determined to bag my bunny.

Astute observation told me there was a charming plastic bunny figure crouched near the azaleas by the side entrance of Mollie Utley’s Commerce Street home. Sadly, Monday’s monsoon rains had taken their toll on those particular blooms.

I envisioned a riot of color surrounding Peter Cottontail, not drooping flowers and bare branches.

There was &uot;nobody t'home&uot; to ask.

I wasn’t actually planning to steal or harm the bunny, just temporarily borrow him for re-location to the more abundant blooms out front.

I scuttled around the house, bunny in tow, hoping passers-by would merely assume it was the eccentric newspaper lady hard at work (and I was).

Pete proved a very willing model.

There was bunny picking slyly out from fuschia flowers, throwing amazed glance at an enormous yellow egg (&uot;Woah, how’m I gonna get that in my basket?&uot;) and simply grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat at the camera (&uot;Finally, my fifteen minutes of fame!&uot;)

Photo session complete, I slipped back around the house, model tucked beneath my arm.

With an affectionate pat, I returned old Pete to his original location.

But I wasn’t sure—was this THE ultimate bunny art?

And, more importantly, would spring ever return again so I wouldn’t turn into an icicle trying to shoot my outdoors pics?

Time would tell.

Saturday was warm and beautiful.

Once more the siren call of the elusive bunny beckoned. This time it was a decorative stone rabbit at The Martin House.

Bunny and I made the rounds of Jo’s yard and garden.

I crouched, sat, stooped and straddled stone in the endless search for that perfect pic.

Decisions, decisions—I still don’t know which pics will run—but I hope you like them. Happy Easter!

Angie Long is a staff writer and columnist for the Greenville Advocate.

She may be reached by e-mail at angie.long@ greenvilleadvocate.com or you may call and leave a message at 334.382.5145.