Things keep getting better for everyone

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 12, 2003

Much can and will be said regarding the continued growth of our industrial climate in South-Central Alabama, but one thing that keeps coming up consistently by the Korean automobile industry executives is something we knew all along.

During the industrial announcement held in neighboring Fort Deposit on Friday, President Lee Sik Park, of Sejong Industrial Co. Ltd., who has partnered with Arvin Meritor to bring an exhaust system plant to Lowndes County, said his biggest motivation was the most heartfelt welcome by the citizens of Fort Deposit, along with the good geographical location to Hope Hull, and infrastructure available.

Ho Gap Kang, president of Shin Young Metals, which broke ground in Luverne on Thursday for a 400-employee body part stamping facility said that the people of the area had a &uot;very high work ethic, coupled with friendliness and an eagerness to produce quality products.&uot;

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Chang-Myung Suh, president of Hwashin Company Limited, said during his company's announcement to build a 400-employee facility in Greenville where they will build motor mounts, said after 70 visits to towns and cities in Alabama, he made his fourth trip to Greenville to make the decision official. &uot;I like Greenville very much,' Suh said.

And this is all consistent with what Hyundai Motors executives have echoed all along.

The people of Alabama are some of the world's best employees n bar none.

And one has to wonder, was there ever any doubt?