CenturyTel announces limited DSL availability

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 12, 2003

It looks as though DSL, or digital subscriber line – a high-speed Internet connection for computer users, is finally available in Greenville.

CenturyTel Area Supervisor Jeff Adams says the company is ready to take orders immediately and, once they have enough customers lined up, will begin installations at residences.

&uot;We are glad to be able to add DSL to our list of services that are offered to the residents of Greenville,&uot; Adams said. &uot;Right now, it is only available to residents who live within 3.4 miles of the CenturyTel office in downtown Greenville. We hope, if the response is good, to be able to expand that area.&uot;

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The supervisor said that there are several options available. One option that he thinks will be popular will be adding DSL through the Simple Choice plan currently available to CenturyTel customers.

&uot;It would run about $45 through Simple Choice,&uot; Adams said. &uot;The prices for the other options vary.&uot;

Anyone interested in signing up for CenturyTel’s DSL service should call 888-779-8882.

Camellia Communications also will have a DSL option in the local phone service packages, Public Relations Director Evelyn Causey said.

&uot;We are still on track to open our business office in late May or early June,&uot; Causey said. &uot;Currently, we are training our new employees here in Hayneville. We should have full service, including DSL, Internet and long distance, available to the Greenville area by September 1.&uot;