That flirt called ‘spring’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 5, 2003

It’s still just over a month away—the official arrival of spring, that is. Here in God’s country, LA (i.e., Lower Alabama) spring’s already been whispering those teasing sweet nothings in our ears as it flits in and out of our lives.

I feel it in those balmy breezes that feel like sun-warmed silk against my skin.

I saw it in the gaudy yellow daffodils that spring up in the neglected yard I passed on our way to church Sunday.

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Even though the old house where they bloom is empty, the place is still decorating itself for the coming season.

It’s enough to make someone with a withered ‘black thumb’ long to get their hands into a bag of potting soil and plant, plant, plant.

But flirtatious Spring is such a fickle gal.

We could still be visited by Old Man Winter in the coming days and weeks, so don’t put those turtlenecks and flannel pjs away just yet.

And truth be told, we shouldn’t want to rush the permanent arrival of Mademoiselle Spring too much— in ‘LA’ we know her stay is often all too brief. (It’s that pushy, hot-tempered Summer that’s always overstaying her welcome down here.)

So enjoy the fickle flirt named Spring whenever you can—she’s a stunner!

Horizons' is here—and we on the newspaper staff all breathe a distinct sigh of relief.

After plenty of hard work visiting businesses, composing ads and laying out pages, doing interviews and tours, writing, editing and taking photos (not to mention those Excedrin headaches, bleary eyes from too much computer screen viewing and plenty of frazzled nerves), the finished product has finally arrived in your mailbox.

We hope you will enjoy all our efforts.

I personally want to say &uot;thank you&uot; to all the people who helped me out with the editorial content of my stories in the education and recreation sections.

Kudos to all the great educators in our area for their enthusiasm and concern for our children—the future of our community.

And my apologies to LBW’s Dr. Thompson—we ran short of space, so the story on LBW's contributions to our community will run in the Advocate in a future issue.

Again, thanks, everyone—keep up the good work!