DTF is a necessary evil

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 5, 2003

In the perfect world that most of us picture in our minds, there would not be any need for strike forces, task forces, anti-terrorist forces, and many other specialized agencies.

But this is the 21st century, in a less-than-perfect world, which brings us to the fact that we do actually need all of the above to help make life for the majority a safer, less criminally prevalent existence.

Which brings us to the need for the Second Judicial Drug Task Force.

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While most of our community's citizens will never come in contact with the specialized skills of the drug enforcement agency, there remains that certain element of people that either through personal choice or being a victim of addiction, will constantly seek new ways to buy, sell and/or manufacture illegal drugs.

And that is the very reason that we must n at whatever sacrifice n have those special people that are able to blend in with the drug element of our community, and bring them to speedy justice, making life for the rest of us a little safer.

In this time of budget crunches and cutting corners, we feel that there are certain services that must be preserved, at whatever cost, while there are other areas that we could simply tighten down on a bit.

And too, in a time when much of our local troops are being sent abroad to defend the needs of the free world, those with specialized training will become a much more valuable asset should any need for rapid defense become necessary. With that in mind, the need for SWAT teams, Task Forces, and other specially trained enforcement people have just increased their total net worth to society ten-fold.