The sweetest gifts

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 22, 2003

Some guys express how much they care for their sweethearts by picking up a dozen roses at the local florist’s shop.

Others opt for a tennis bracelet or a sparkling new ring. And there’s always that standby, chocolates—sweets for the sweet.

Now, my husband has done all these things at one time or another. He’s a thoughtful guy.

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But nothing, perhaps, made my heart beat faster than the sight of the newly defrosted refrigerator in my old apartment in Talladega some 18 years ago.

I’m not really into domesticity in terms of cleaning and one of my most hated chores has always been defrosting the freezer.

I’d just as soon scrub the toilet using my toothbrush with both hands tied behind my back.

Still, when Benny came to visit me in Talladega, a few months before we got married, I had things looking pretty good around my little &uot;treehouse&uot; apartment—except, perhaps, in my antique fridge’s freezer.

Hey, I was busy teaching those little blind children and I just couldn’t get around to everything, you know.

Imagine my shock when I walked in one afternoon after a tiring day of teaching, opened the freezer door and discovered an immaculate, ice-free compartment.

&uot;I, uh, noticed it could use a defrosting, so I took care of it for you, Ang…didn’t think you’d mind,&uot; Benny said.


I could have kissed him.

I DID kiss him. He was good at that, too.

Sometimes the sweetest gifts are the most unlikely ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The recent benefit and silent auction for the Arts Council will clear somewhere between $7,500 and $8,000 for the organization, says Miss Bobbie Gamble.

They were thrilled to receive an anonymous gift of $2500 from one generous donor at the event.

&uot;As long as my ‘little elves’ keep on wanting to do all this, I guess we’ll keep up this tradition,&uot; Miss Bobbie told me.

(I’ve spoken to some of those ‘elves’ who say they are ready, willing and able to do it all again next time!)

Speaking of the GAAC, an absolutely wonderful Tony Award winner, &uot;Crazy for You&uot;

is coming next Tuesday to the Ritz.

If you love a Gershwin tune—you won’t want to miss it.

The 2003 Relay for Life is kicking off this week and I am sure, as usual, we will have wonderful participation and support from across the county.

I am the publicity chairperson this year for Relay, so keep me informed about your team’s fund-raising efforts.

A number of local folks are planning to journey up to South Bend next month to visit with Professor Defrees and his architectural students. I’m sure the Indiana group will give the ‘LA’ contingent an equally warm welcome on their arrival in Yankee country. Have a great week, everyone!

Angie Long is Lifestyles reporter for the Advocate.

She can be reached by leaving a message at 382-5145 or by email at