Revised report is good news for Greenville High

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Last week the Alabama Department of Education announced they had made an error when they determined the percentage of students at Greenville High who passed all parts of the graduation exam.

Originally the department announced that less than 80 percent of Greenville High students had passed all parts of the graduation exam and because of this the school was put on the "academic priority" list. The school was therefore in danger of being taken over by the state.

Since the announcement, Greenville High has collectively breathed a sigh of relief. The new score of 86.47 percent took them out of that scenario and has the school within striking distance of the goal line this year – an all-clear status with at least 90 percent passing all parts of the exam.

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This is wonderful news for everyone in the Greenville community as it strives to put on its best face for potential new industries that have been scouting the area in recent days.

Our hats are off to the past and present administrators, teachers and students, who have worked so hard to make this possible.

Especially the students. Many times they get overlooked in the hoopla, and after all, they are the ones who absorbed the material,

took the test and made those desperately wanted scores.

It takes a village, they always say. And never has it been more obvious than in this case, because it took commitment from every facet of the community to get these students ready to perform.

Congratulations GHS for a job well done! We hope things only go up from here for you.